Womb Healing Circle

The HCU Womb Healing Circle is a safe space where women connect to learn womb wisdom teachings with a modern metaphysical twist. We call upon a variety of holistic healing practices for the mind, body and soul. The virtual format allows us to reach women around the world.

The women who participate in this program will receive the following support tools.

  • Electronic Womb Healing Nutritional Guide
  • Virtual group coaching sessions to learn how to properly care for your mind, body, soul, and spirit.
  • The opportunity to ask questions via a private Facebook group and our group on the Marco Polo app.
  • Discounted health coaching consultations for personalized services for those women who desire personalized attention.
    https://herbcultureuniversity.com/my-personal-herbalist-program/. Use the code HCUPOWER at checkout for the $25 session price.

The cost to join our circle is $9.97 per month. Click here to start today.