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TV! You’re Not the Boss of Me!


Imagine a perfect day. You’re walking on sunshine and dancing on clouds. Everything is going your way. You walk into a store and what do you see on the TV? Yet another person being shot and killed by the police. How do you feel at that moment? Does your mood change? Are you suddenly angry or sad? Do you want to get revenge or just go somewhere and cry?

Let’s try another scenario. It’s still a perfect day. You’re still walking on sunshine and dancing on clouds. You’re sticking to your eating plan and you walk into a store and what do you see? Scrumptious chocolate chip cookies and ice cream and a happy family playing games while indulging in this sweet treat. The mom is skinny and happy and the dad looks like a modern-day Adonis or Appollo. Plus, he’s jolly and fun. The children look perfect and healthy. It’s a perfect scene filled with laughter and the sweet life (literally). How do you feel at that moment? Are you tossing that salad and quinoa aside? Are you feeling guilty because you want to toss it aside? Are you angry with the media for promoting consumerism, diabetes, and obesity?

What I notice in both scenarios is an attempt to control emotions through visuals. When we think of the quality of our health, it’s important to consider the impact of the visual images projected to our minds via the television. There’s solid research that shows media and advertising professionals how to get our endocrine systems to release chemicals that elicit specific responses. This is the real mind control that goes unnoticed each day.

I encourage you to think about what images you see each day. Start being mindful of any mood changes or sudden desires you experience when you see them. Knowledge is power when you know you’re being played. Now what will you actually do about it? I suggest you get some toddler defiance in your life and say, “TV! You’re not the boss of me!” Then turn it off and commit to only watching it a few times per week, if at all.

Love and light!


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Burn, Baby Burn! Or Maybe Not.

burning books

Whew! I feel like a mighty weight has been lifted off me!

Last night, I was interacting online with an awesome sista from Philadelphia who like me, is shedding off her religious skin. During our e-conversation, I remembered that I had hundreds of books in the basement that needed to go. I have given many of them away and thrown many of them in the trash yet there were still more. Over the past few years, I could feel their heaviness yet I wasn’t motivated enough to trash them. Probably because I had invested thousands of dollars into this lifestyle and the library was the only thing left to remind me of it.

Well, in the middle of our conversation, I decided to make that move. There’s no need to keep that religious spirit active in my home for a moment longer. I went down to the basement and started boxing up books. Now the picture above this post implies I burned the books. I’m an author AND I believe in freedom of speech AND my ancient ancestral knowledge is choppy because some stupid jerks burned all of our books SO for this reason, I decided to go another route. I asked my husband to put them in the car and I took them to Half Price Book Store. I pulled up just as they were about to close. I flipped on my hazard lights and asked the young man at the door to help me.

At the end of the day there were 200 books yet they could only take so many according to their criteria. Now remember, I’ve been giving away and throwing away books for the past three years so there’s no telling how many there were when I started. I told the bookstore employee to do whatever they wanted with the remaining books and cash me out for the rest. I walked around and grabbed some books I had been waiting to purchase. After I subtracted the total of my new books from the total they planned to give me, I netted $54.50. In numerology, this adds up to the #5 which just happens to be the life path number for me AND my husband AND all of my children. At that point, I knew I did the right thing and between my third big chop and this move, I felt sooooooooo amazing and free! I did a little jig in the parking lot.

Now, I’m totally free from religious bondage, mind, body, and soul. Plus, I am getting better at letting go of attachments. I’m looking forward to the next phase of my spiritual journey which will involve continuing to renovate my iTunes library. I won’t even tell you how much I invested in religious music that kept me in bondage over the past 15 years.

Love and light!

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Program Your Own Mind

Sherrice Meditating

For the past few years, I’ve been learning about programming advertisers use to get us to buy their products. Basically, the left brain is the conscious mind and right brain is the subconscious mind. It’s the place from where our conscious mind draws it’s energy. What the conscious mind believes, the subconscious mind acts on. People who want to control our actions distract us with repetitive messages and symbols. As I’ve studied this information, it dawned on me that we need to take more control of our own minds. Instead of allowing outside sources to program us, let’s consider programming our minds with our own thoughts, hopes, dreams, and desires. Here are some quick and easy steps to do just that.

1. Create your own mantra.

Spend some time thinking about your hopes and dreams. You can revisit your vision board, journals, or simply sit down and hear your own thoughts. What comes to mind? Jot down those words and create your own mantra. At this very moment, what comes to mind for me are the words free, spirit, love, and abundance. I can take these words and create my own mantra such as “I am a free spirit of love and abundance” or “I am free to love and I am abundant.”

2. Record yourself saying your mantra in an even, positive tone for three to thirty minutes. You can include calming, zen music in the background, if you’d like.

3. Find a quiet space.

4. Put on your headphones and play your recording. Be sure to close your eyes and breathe deeply. Feel free to repeat the recording for as long as you’re led. You can also select some sacred geometry on which to focus during this time. You can even chant your mantra out loud with or without the recording of your own voice.

5. Journal about your experience and see how your life changes over time.

6. Create more mantras and make more recordings.

What are the benefits of this practice?

  • Chanting can impact our endocrine system and impact the hormones that keep us happy.
  • Chanting stabilizes your heart rate, blood pressure, produces beneficial endorphins, and enhances the metabolic process.
  • You’re more likely to tune into the sound of your own voice, as it’s familiar.
  • You’ll learn to love the sound of your own voice, which means you’ll learn to love yourself even more.
  • If you listen while sleeping, your mantra will act as your personal lullaby.
  • You’ll have full awareness and an emotional tie to the mantra so you’ll receive it more readily.
  • You’ll program your own mind with words through familiarity and repetition. Remember, what the conscious mind believes, the subconscious mind acts upon. As you say the words consciously, you’ll begin to believe them and build new neural pathways over the limiting beliefs from your past.
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My Journey Down the Rabbit Hole


Have you ever been down the rabbit hole? Each night, I spiral down into this portal to go on a journey from one state of consciousness to another. Just like Alice follows the white rabbit down the hole and ends up in Wonderland, I follow my innate desire to heal and know to an alternative reality. Like Neo from The Matrix, who also followed a white rabbit, I decided to join him by taking the red pill and what I’ve experienced has changed my whole perspective on life. 

This journey starts with inner ear sound that spins you to an alternate states of consciousness. I couldn’t  get there with my old thought patterns and mindset as they were like outdated technology based on a patriarchal model that I adopted to survive. When I decided to thrive, it was time to upgrade. The rabbit hole is a Fibonacci spiral which is a feminine symbol connected with the mother goddess. It reflects life cycles, fertility, birth, and a woman’s innate intuition. Through my rabbit hole journey, I learned that answers to my questions aren’t always logical and clear. I had to learn to trust my intuition and flow as I’m led versus always looking for a path someone else created. This has been an eye opening experience because in this uncontrolled experiment I thought I had no examples to point to. To my surprise, I learned the answer was within me. I simply had to command my soul to share what I’d forgotten since I put it there in the first place. 

The spirals are associated with the water element, as they are mutable. Through this lesson, I learned to stop standing and start being mutable. Many of my human role models were women who could go through hell and back yet continue to stand. Following their lead, I adopted that tactic early in life. After banging my head against several walls, I now understand that their path isn’t mine. My yin spirit requires a balance of stability and mutability. I was leaning way too far on the stability side and ignoring my mutable side. There’s an old slave spiritual that says, “We shall not be moved.” This song became one of the themes of the Civil Rights Movement. It’s not happenstance that our cause hasn’t been moved much since that time. Unfortunately, we got stuck because we keep trying to use outdated technology of that time for what’s going on today. A trip down the rabbit hole taught me how to be mutable. Not haphazardly but like the river that pours into the ocean. Like the stream that presses through mountainous rock to create a pathway for more water to flow. 

As I spiraled further down the rabbit hole, I learned about release. That innate voice within me shared that the tools I used when I started my journey to heal and know would no longer have the same effectiveness. As I grow, so must my ability to live and manifest on my own. Babies require their mothers breast for the very sustenance they need to survive. They wear diapers to catch their urine and feces and shake rattles for entertainment. As the baby grows into a toddler, their needs change. In fact, they continue to change with each year of life. Similarly, I’ve changed. I used to spend my days in church and during that time if my life, it was a fulfilling experience and all my needs were met. As I grew spiritually, I had more of a desire to spend time alone, getting to know myself, and healing. As my body healed, I had more of a desire to deal with my emotions. As I cleared the emotional clutter away, I could hear and see in the spiritual realm. Each day, my needs change and I get rid of yet one more thing that no longer serves me. I add those things that foster my growth and development. 

As I prepare to sleep tonight, I know I’ll be back in the rabbit hole. Once I took the red pill, there was no turning back. Like Alice said, “I can’t go back to yesterday. I was a different person then.” Like Alice, I’m off to a place where forever can seem like one second or one second can seem like forever. While I’m there to present myself with harsh realities, I’m also there to present myself with love. So goodnight my loves as I venture to Wonderland. May your journey to wholeness lead you to the rabbit hole where you’ll learn who you really are and what this life’s all about.

Peace and blessings. 


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I’m Coming Out of Mama’s Closet!

Mother Earth Tree

When I was a part of organized religion, the God presence was shown to me through the image of a man. This viewpoint always seemed one sided but back then, I accepted what books and elders said and did what I was told. Despite my programming, I couldn’t deny these amazing experiences I was having with a divine energetic presence who seemed to be whatever I needed at the time. Sometimes the energy was maternal, sometimes it was paternal, other times it was free of gender and simply meet the emotional need I craved. Like most of us who experience things outside of the norm, I was afraid to go against my ministerial training and talk about it publicly. Especially since what was beginning to happen in my life wasn’t written in any book or taught in organized religions. When I did get the courage to share it with others, they would either say that was Jesus coming to me in the way I could receive him or that it was a demon. I wasn’t satisfied with either of those responses. Especially since I knew about Christ Consciousness and how that energy evolved into the person of Christ through historical events.

Several years later, I joined a radical church where I started learning more about the spirit realm. I felt more comfortable here because at least these folks were seeing things and not focused on reading a holy book all of the time. I’d dissected this book inside out in my own studies and minister’s training and frankly, I found so many contradictions that I couldn’t take it anymore. At least here, the teaching was prophetic and focused on spiritual gifts. The pastors often preached straight from the spiritual realm and the messages were always so amazing. Nothing contrived from a book. They took what they read in the book and went to the next level of revelation. Logos became rhema and it was a beautiful sight to see. Here, it was acceptable to share that I saw angelic presences or the throne room I thought belonged to God. Unfortunately, the moment I went outside of that box, they were ready to start anointing me with oil and casting out the demons that were causing me to have these experiences. Then one day, my dreams started taking me to another level beyond our the church’s teachings. I began to literally leave my body and travel to places in my dreams. I now know this is astral travel. At first, it started out with flying in the sky when dreaming, then I figured out I could direct my travels and started projecting to wherever I wanted to go. I remember being able to navigate without GPS or a map on a trip I took to the Bay Area in California in my real life because I was so familiar with the land from my astral travels.

One day, I decided not to go to work, and to spend time meditating, journaling, and practicing yoga all day. I’d been doing this in secret for years because it wasn’t acceptable in the church setting. They believed that if you meditated, you would go into an altered state of mind that allows demons to enter. They also believed that yoga asanas (positions) were honoring other deities. While there is some truth to their concerns, I didn’t care anymore because what was happening to me was phenomenal and I wanted to go further. During this day full of meditation, journaling, and yoga, I felt a sense of peace I’d never felt before and decided I would continue this practice. When I made this decision, I knew nothing would be the same. I could no longer call myself a minister or an elder and continue to live my life in this realm outside of the Good Book. So, I stepped down from every position in the church. No longer Minister Sherrice. No longer Elder Sherrice. No longer a prophetic praise dancer. No longer a Bible Study Cell Group Leader. No longer a Women’s Ministry Leader. All the titles, responsibilities, and church experiences went out the window. A once dear friend of mine told me we were now on opposing teams and he’d pray for me. I’m still sickened by the audacity of that comment.

Eventually, we left the church altogether. I decided to change my name and call myself Safiyah Naemah so that I could not be recognized by my church members when I started writing and teaching about my experiences. That didn’t last too long because Sherrice is who I am and I wasn’t willing to give up my name to hide from my family, my old friends, the prayer warriors and church gossipers. So I went back to being Sherrice and just didn’t talk about my spiritual practices with anyone who belonged to a church.

As the years went on, I went deeper into my practices and had a strong focus on womb healing. I learned how to communicate with MY ancestors, THE ancestors, and the ascended masters. I was fortunate enough to visit the places where I’ve lived in past lives in both the spiritual and natural realms. These experiences helped me understand my fears, desires, and purpose. I played with tarot cards, oracle cards, crystals, and all kinds of things that light workers do. While I enjoyed these experiences, I didn’t want to be a part of the New Age Movement because everything they were promoting was not new. It came from our indigenous ancestors. I had a strong focus on metaphysical and spiritual practices and my work with herbs even went to the next level. Then I started learning about duality and what people might call dark magic and learned to create my own rituals and practices. That’s when I started seeing real results and changes in my life that went beyond things you can see in the physical realm.

While working on a client’s health history, I figured out we were related. We started talking about our families and sure enough, we have cousins in common. She shared her spiritual experiences with me and made me feel much better about my own. One day, out of the blue, she sent me an inbox message on Facebook and encouraged me to start sharing my experiences with the world. That same month, I heard from so many people who saw posts of my experiences on social media but were afraid to connect with me because while they were having similar experiences, they weren’t ready to come out to their families and friends just yet.

Then something miraculous occurred in my life. I met Mama. Not my birth Mama, but the birth mama of all that was, all that is, and all that will be. What I understood is that Mama was Mama to me because she was reflecting my image. She might be Daddy to someone else but to me, she’s Mama. She wasn’t any particular gender, race or ethnicity either but she knew everything about them all. That let me know she was all things to all people and would become whatever they needed to connect in the spiritual realm. This made it easy for me not to argue with others about what I believed. I also won’t continue to hide behind the shadows, either.

Mother Universe by Victoria Kot
Mother Universe by Victoria Kot

When I met Mama, I couldn’t see her, of course, but I could feel her maternal, loving presence. For the first time ever, I felt a level of love and compassion I couldn’t explain. She held me tenderly while I cried. I know it’s strange that an energy or a presence can hold you. While it was happening, I was in awe, not sure how it was happening, and not trying to figure out. Yes, I was experiencing contrasting emotions all at the same time. I started sharing my perspective of love with anyone who would listen. I didn’t care who they were or what they believed, I knew we all wanted to be loved.

Over time, I started developing a relationship with Mama. It was the relationship I’d tried to develop with Jesus when I was in church yet could never quite get there. As Mama held me, I felt as if she were a tree. Then I realized I was a tree because she was a tree and I was her expressed image. Saying all that to say, we were the same same tree. I was a part of her tree yet I was my own tree. It was such a beautiful experience. I felt the pain of all my lives I poured out buckets of tears. As I cried, she didn’t wipe away my tears, she cried with me. Then, she showed me how our tears were watering our roots. She literally enveloped me in her presence and loved me even more. When the love was deeper than the initial love I experienced with her, I was shocked! This experience brought to life what I’ve learned for years about love. I always knew that love can go deeper and deeper and that love cannot be contained. I also knew that love was God. So this is the crazy part. Mama is what we call God. Some might say Mama is Goddess. I say Mama is the most high. She told me she didn’t need a title or a gender. She was whatever I needed at that moment. Call her whatever you want because language only confounds the true essence of who she really is. She told me she gave me every single thing I needed to fulfill my purpose on earth and that makes me a Goddess, too. Mama wanted me to know that all of the answers were within, I just needed to not be afraid to go there.


We have a hard time fathoming the idea that we are divine because it seems like we’re giving ourselves a super power that we don’t deserve because we have been taught that we’re unworthy. While I do believe there is only one source, I believe that source empowered all her creations with divinity. It’s not what we’ve been taught in our churches, temples, and synagogues. It’s much more esoteric than that. I believe these teachings can help us yet at some point, you have to go on your own to experience it for yourself. Our indigenous cultures understood this and that’s why they had coming of age ceremonies with sacred plants and fungi to help their young people access the God within. They prepared their children for these experiences from the time they were born. We prepare our children to be productive citizens not esoteric spiritual beings and that’s the real reason we’re in such a programmed state of mind today. There are people who are paid and revered to keep us programmed and they don’t even realize it because they too are programmed.

Now that I’ve met Mama and experienced love and compassion like never before, I can’t keep holding it inside just to please those folks who want me to be something I’m not. I was all of those things because I didn’t know the most high for myself so I followed their pattern. It served me well at the time and I thank everyone who contributed to my spiritual growth. As of today, I’m cutting the cord and publicly pursuing my own path. I’ve been doing it, just hiding in the shadows. Now, thanks to Mama, I’m coming out!

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Lies Women Tell Their Daughters


Give thanks.

Many of us grew up hearing all kinds of information about what we should and shouldn’t do on our moon cycles. Just like any transference of knowledge, we received some solid advice AND some wrong information. I asked my Facebook friends to post what they were told as a child when they were learning to take care of themselves during their moon cycle. Here’s a compilation of the information they shared.

  1. Don’t tell anyone you’re on your cycle. (Not sure what the logic was behind this one)
  2. Don’t take a bath because menstrual blood is unclean and you don’t want to soak in it.
  3. Don’t take a bath or the blood won’t come out and it will pollute your body.
  4. Don’t eat pineapples, citrus, or tomatoes because they’re all too acidic during this time of the month.
  5. Don’t walk barefoot or wash your hair because you’ll get a cold in your womb.
  6. Don’t use a tampon if you’re a virgin because you’ll loose your virginity.
  7. Don’t cook anything because you will contaminate the food.
  8. Don’t go swimming, especially in the ocean.
  9. Don’t hold a baby. (I never did get a clear explanation for this one)
  10. Don’t ever have sex during that time of the month.

My favorite item on the list is #7, don’t cook anything because you’ll contaminate the food. We all know the story of some man being “whipped” by a woman who put her menstural blood in the spaghetti, right? Of course, I researched the origin and found out that in ancient times, menstural blood was revered and folks perceived it possessed a magical quality. For this reason, women would collect the blood and feed their crops with it. In fact, some would even put it in their food and this was actually a welcomed experience. It wasn’t until the witch trails and like events that demonized anything woman that these practices became taboo. Isn’t it interesting how time and the presiding rule of the culture changes everything.

On another note, I’d love to hear what you were told or what you think about this list so feel free to add a comment. I’d also love to hear if you followed these things and if so, how that worked out for you. I look forward to hearing your funny stories and your truths.

Love and light.