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My Neti Pot is Hot!

Did you know that most viruses, bacteria, and other foreign invaders enter your body through your nasal cavity? It’s a good idea to cleanse it quite frequently for optimal health. Check out my video My Neti Pot is Hot! where I share information about my daily neti pot usage experience. I share my technique as well as the physical and metaphysical benefits.

Sherrice Sledge-Thomas

DISCLAIMER: I’m not a medical doctor and the information I share doesn’t replace medical advice or your own common sense.

Physical Health

Why I No Longer Eat a Fully Plant Based Diet

As many of you know, I’m no longer strictly eating a plant-based diet. While I experienced some amazing benefits, I also ran into two issues that compromised the quality of my life – low histamine response and dental issues.The dental issues involved cavities and infections which decreased during my plant-based diet journey but never fully went away. The low histamine response showed up during the last three months of my plant-based diet journey. I would break out in intense hives and get a headache and/or earache whenever I consumed avocados, soy, wine, nuts, sweet fruit like bananas, grapes, and pineapple, lucama, or maca.

Years ago, I remember visiting my grandmother who lived in a senior citizens home. People would stop by her house to eat and swore that not only was her food amazing, it was healing. One common dish she prepared was beef roast and rice. She put the stock over the rice and the flavor was out of this world. I found out that she made this stock out of bones and she added real butter to it, as well. At the time, I thought it was the most disgusting concoction ever, even though it tasted great. Of course, leaning towards a plant based diet even then, I stopped eating most of the food my grandmother cooked.

As I was researching the best way to heal cavities and correct the digestive and endocrine system issues that cause low histamine, I pulled out some books that I studied prior to rejecting any research that didn’t align with eating a plant-based diet. I read each one throughly.

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration       Cure Tooth Decay

Then I started to do my own study and talk with folks who had no allergic reactions or intolerance and great dental health to find out what they were eating and taking care of their bodies. Bone stock kept coming up. I learned that many ancient tribes consumed stock made from boiling animal bones but not the actual animal flesh. They did eat the fatty parts and of course they didn’t consume refined sugar because it wasn’t available. I literally saw a vision of my deceased grandmother smiling and saying, “I told you so.” Of course, it didn’t help that my mother and my Aunt Chris look so much like her and they were telling me that a fully plant-based diet wasn’t a good idea for me. This is the first time they will publicly see me admitting they were both right.

I still wasn’t convinced so I started eating a more strict plant-based diet in addition to oil pulling with coconut oil, sesame seed oil, and applying clove bud and wild oregano oil directly to the cavity. While the infection did go away, it kept coming back and the cavity never fully healed. I knew I didn’t want to go to the dentist for anything other than a deep cleaning so I decided to listen to my grandmother and go back to the ancestor’s teaching. Over time, I slowly changed my diet. I continued to consume lots of leafy greens, fatty cuts meats and fish (yes, I was shocked too) – less than 100 grams daily, extra virgin coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, brown rice, and some resistant starches like sweet potatoes. I also continued to consume my famous G Juice. The pain of the cavity decreased yet it was still there and the histamine tolerance calmed down a bit. I was able to eat eggs from pastured chickens and bananas along with a few other foods again.

While I was doing much better, I still needed to repair the damage to my body. One day, I decided, what the heck and took the plunge. I made the bone stock and consumed it faithfully every day for a week. I eliminated ALL sugar from my diet including fruit, grains, and starches (including resistant starches). Within days, the pain from the cavity was gone completely and there was no infection present. I tested foods that caused a histamine reaction each week and eventually I was back to normal and able to eat whatever I wanted without hives, headaches, and ear aches. I eventually added the fruit and resistant starches back into my diet and reduced the meat intake.

Dental Care for less than $50

I’m pouring some libations to thank my grandmother for her infinite wisdom.

Love and bliss!

Spiritual Healing

My Journey Down the Rabbit Hole


Have you ever been down the rabbit hole? Each night, I spiral down into this portal to go on a journey from one state of consciousness to another. Just like Alice follows the white rabbit down the hole and ends up in Wonderland, I follow my innate desire to heal and know to an alternative reality. Like Neo from The Matrix, who also followed a white rabbit, I decided to join him by taking the red pill and what I’ve experienced has changed my whole perspective on life. 

This journey starts with inner ear sound that spins you to an alternate states of consciousness. I couldn’t  get there with my old thought patterns and mindset as they were like outdated technology based on a patriarchal model that I adopted to survive. When I decided to thrive, it was time to upgrade. The rabbit hole is a Fibonacci spiral which is a feminine symbol connected with the mother goddess. It reflects life cycles, fertility, birth, and a woman’s innate intuition. Through my rabbit hole journey, I learned that answers to my questions aren’t always logical and clear. I had to learn to trust my intuition and flow as I’m led versus always looking for a path someone else created. This has been an eye opening experience because in this uncontrolled experiment I thought I had no examples to point to. To my surprise, I learned the answer was within me. I simply had to command my soul to share what I’d forgotten since I put it there in the first place. 

The spirals are associated with the water element, as they are mutable. Through this lesson, I learned to stop standing and start being mutable. Many of my human role models were women who could go through hell and back yet continue to stand. Following their lead, I adopted that tactic early in life. After banging my head against several walls, I now understand that their path isn’t mine. My yin spirit requires a balance of stability and mutability. I was leaning way too far on the stability side and ignoring my mutable side. There’s an old slave spiritual that says, “We shall not be moved.” This song became one of the themes of the Civil Rights Movement. It’s not happenstance that our cause hasn’t been moved much since that time. Unfortunately, we got stuck because we keep trying to use outdated technology of that time for what’s going on today. A trip down the rabbit hole taught me how to be mutable. Not haphazardly but like the river that pours into the ocean. Like the stream that presses through mountainous rock to create a pathway for more water to flow. 

As I spiraled further down the rabbit hole, I learned about release. That innate voice within me shared that the tools I used when I started my journey to heal and know would no longer have the same effectiveness. As I grow, so must my ability to live and manifest on my own. Babies require their mothers breast for the very sustenance they need to survive. They wear diapers to catch their urine and feces and shake rattles for entertainment. As the baby grows into a toddler, their needs change. In fact, they continue to change with each year of life. Similarly, I’ve changed. I used to spend my days in church and during that time if my life, it was a fulfilling experience and all my needs were met. As I grew spiritually, I had more of a desire to spend time alone, getting to know myself, and healing. As my body healed, I had more of a desire to deal with my emotions. As I cleared the emotional clutter away, I could hear and see in the spiritual realm. Each day, my needs change and I get rid of yet one more thing that no longer serves me. I add those things that foster my growth and development. 

As I prepare to sleep tonight, I know I’ll be back in the rabbit hole. Once I took the red pill, there was no turning back. Like Alice said, “I can’t go back to yesterday. I was a different person then.” Like Alice, I’m off to a place where forever can seem like one second or one second can seem like forever. While I’m there to present myself with harsh realities, I’m also there to present myself with love. So goodnight my loves as I venture to Wonderland. May your journey to wholeness lead you to the rabbit hole where you’ll learn who you really are and what this life’s all about.

Peace and blessings.