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Vaccine Detox

  In the world of growing mandatory vaccine requirements, it’s important to focus on great health before and after the vaccination(s).  Your body must be properly hydrated AND filled with nutrients to ensure that the vaccine and it’s residue can be eliminated from your body. Consider the following before and after detox. WHAT SHOULD I… Continue reading Vaccine Detox

Natural Hair

Go Back to Go Forward – My Natural Hair Journey

Sometimes, you have to go back to go forward. As many of you know, I have worn my hair natural, then “texlaxed” it using the mildest PhytoSpecific formula. Many of you may be wondering why I went back to chemicals? I have one word – Convenience. Natural hair takes time unless you’re wearing an afro or… Continue reading Go Back to Go Forward – My Natural Hair Journey

Physical Health

Overcoming Chronic Constipation

As I child, I remember being in awe of my sister’s ability to have a bowel movement several times a day. I was doing good to have a bowel movement two – three times per week and she could do that with ease in one day. Over the years, I experienced a variety of degenerative… Continue reading Overcoming Chronic Constipation

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Natural Birth Control Options

Give thanks. People have been asking me about natural birth control options which is my cue to make a video and write a blog post. I will share the dangers of of synthetic birth control, the dangers of condoms and spermicide, and natural birth control options. Synthetic Birth Control Synthetic birth control has been touted… Continue reading Natural Birth Control Options

Herbalism, Physical Health

Autumn Healing with Herbs, Roots, and Spices

Give thanks. It’s autumn and here in the midwest, the leaves are turning beautiful shades of red, orange, and yellow. The days are shorter and the nights are longer. The cool crisp air feels good against my skin as I put on my red London Fog trench coat. Eventually, the leaves will die and the… Continue reading Autumn Healing with Herbs, Roots, and Spices

Fast, Detox, Cleanse, Physical Health, Vaccines and Immunizations

Vaccination Nation

With all of the information about vaccines out there, I decided to do some research and share my findings from a balanced perspective. My goal is to inform parents of some dangers associated with vaccines and to provide some viable options to help them move forward. To do so, I conducted research with both organizations… Continue reading Vaccination Nation

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Got Peri-menopause Blues?

Give thanks. Peri-menopause is the transition period leading up to the end of a woman’s moon cycle. It typically starts between 47-50, however, nowadays, it’s starting as early as 32-35. We can contribute that to food and environment which cause our hormones to fluctuate earlier than normal. It’s a good idea for women to prepare… Continue reading Got Peri-menopause Blues?