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Sexy Feet for the Fall


There’s nothing in the world like beautiful feet. It blesses my soul when I see sistas and brothas taking care of the feet on which they stand. As the weather is changing and the crisp air hits your face when you walk outside, many of us are putting the sandals and flip flops away. You may be tempted to stop taking care of those beautiful feet you cultivated during the summer months. I’m here to tell you that foot care is forever. Your feet have served your body day in and day out. They keep you grounded and help to manifest your life’s purpose by following the direction of your mind and taking you where you need to go. Your feet hold the memories of the many places your soul has traveled through all of your lifetimes. For this reason, we want to take care of them and ensure their physical appearance is maintained. This is not just for the women. It’s for the men, too. There’s nothing worse than a beautiful woman or a handsome man with crusty feet.

Here’s a sure fire way to keep your feet smokin’ hot even during the cold months. Fill a basin full of hot water. Add one teaspoon of vitamin C powder to decrease the amount of chlorine in the water. Add 1/4 cup castor oil and a few drops of lavender essential oil. The castor oil will soften even the worst calloused feet. It soothes aching feet, heals skin infections, heals heel spurs, reduces crows feet, reduces bunions, gets rid of corns and thick callouses, and much more.

castor oil

Soak them for 20-30 minutes and then scrub off the dead skin off your feet with a pumice stone and your favorite liquid soap. The soap breaks up the thickness of the castor oil and blends with the oil to remove the dead skin.

Rinse your feet with warm water in the bathtub and dump the water from the basin in the toilet. Rub some castor oil, shea butter, and bergamot or lime essential oil on your feet to seal the moisture and put on some cotton socks. You can do this nightly after your baths and showers, too. Give the oils and butters time to soak into your feet. Then clip, shape, buff, and polish (for women) your toe nails as normal.

Practice this regimen weekly to give your feet the loving care they need even when it’s cold outside. To learn more about foot care, visit my blog post on the Ataensic Media Blog – Who’s That With Those Nasty Feet? Enjoy!

Love and wholeness unto you!

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