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A Woman Scorned and the Lilith Spirit are One


Have you ever heard of Lilith? She’s an interesting character in the world of religious mythology. I was fascinated with this spirit some call goddess because according to most theologians who are familiar with Kaballah, she was naughty and definitely not nice. As I learned more about this eclectic and neurotic being, I started to see a connection with a scorned woman. Before you stone me, hear me out.

Let’s start with a blend of the biblical and Kaballistic stories. Rumor has it that Eve wasn’t Adam’s first wife. Lilith was Adam’s first wife and some say they were twin flames so you know this relationship was intense. This infamous couple experienced marital issues because Lilith demanded equality and liked to be on top during their sexual encounters. The nerve of her to want to be treated like she should be. When Adam didn’t meet her “demands”, she rolled out, went to the Red Sea, and started a supposedly sordid affair with Satan (you know, the supposed evil being who is blamed for anything not good). God sent three angels to drag Lilith back to her man but she refused to return. I guess Satan’s pimp game was stronger than Adam’s. So for whatever reason, God decided to give Adam a more docile wife, the one we know as Eve. They say Lilith was jealous and tried to get back with Adam but God placed a cherubim at the gate of the garden to prevent her reentry. That’s when all Hell broke loose.

One day, Lilith saw the serpent AKA Satan AKA Lilith’s man seducing Eve and decided to get in on the game. She worked on Eve to convince her that she needed to eat fruit from The Tree of Good and Evil, which was a forbidden tree and encouraged her to have relations with Adam during her menses. By the way, for those who don’t know, these patriarchal God stories demonize a woman while she’s on her period so men weren’t supposed to touch a woman during this time. In fact, they could not even be in her presence. Now we know the truth. They felt that a having sex with a woman during this time gave her ultimate control over a man. So, since Eve was able to convince Adam to get down with the get down while she bled, she was able to control his mind. This is supposed to be the real reason that Adam was gullible enough to disobey God’s commands and eat from the tree with the forbidden fruit. Of course this act caused Adam and Eve to be banned from the Garden of Eden. Wait, wasn’t Lilith banned from the garden, too? How did she get access to Eve? Maybe the myth writers forgot that part.

We won’t worry too much about that because Lilith had issues of her own. She had what they call demon babies. Over 100 of them and Satan was her babies’ daddy. They also say that she was raped. So let’s look at this life she lived. She hated being married. She hated male domination. She wanted to be on top (probably because that’s the only way she could be pleased sexually. Adam’s skills must have been weak). Eve took her man, who she really didn’t want but didn’t want anyone else to have him either. Her new man was spitting game to Eve, too. Dang! This docile chick just won’t go away, will she. I guess most men are a sucka for a woman who they can tell what to do. She’s barred from the Garden of Eden. She had over 100 babies that she probably had to take care of on her own AND another myth says God killed all of her babies eventually. Then to top it all of, some crazy men had the nerve to rape her repeatedly. Can a sista get a break?

These are the blues of a powerful amazing goddess under patriarchal rule. Broken down, busted, and disgusted! All she wanted was to get her groove on the way she liked it and have some say so about her life. Forget watching man-hating Lifetime movies. Read Lilith’s story instead. Lilith was the first woman scorned by patriarchal control in history and she’s left a legacy that goes far beyond what I’m sure she ever imagined. I’d love to hear your take on this. I will warn you that I will delete religious fanatic comments. We don’t need you to save the world on my blog post. Also, I encourage you to learn about Lilith on your own as she does possess some amazing qualities in addition to this tragic story I just shared.

So yes, A Woman Scorned and the Lilith Spirit are One!

8 thoughts on “A Woman Scorned and the Lilith Spirit are One”

  1. This is very interesting, Sherrice. I am not familiar with the story of Lillith. I’m going to learn a little more about her. Thanks for the story!

    1. You’re welcome. The spirit of Lilith runs deep through each of us and unfortunately has been compromised by patriarchy and radical feminism. There’s much to learn from her story.

  2. I haven’t heard nor read about Lillith, but this is awesome. We women are truly powerFUL beings! Thank you

  3. This was a hysterical read (I know a lot about mythology… many stories have to do with women, rape, man’s precious seed….it’s kinda crazy)!!!!!!!!!

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