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Let’s Move Some Chi!


Peace and blessings.

A few months ago, I was watching Avatar: The Last Airbender and wondered what it would take to master each element. I did some research and discovered that fire bending requires mastery of Northern Shaolin, earthbending requires mastery of Hung Gar, air bending requires mastery of Ba Gau Zhang, and water bending requires mastery of Tai Chi. I wasn’t ready to go quite as far as taking a class outside of my home to learn these techniques so I decided to try Qi Gong since the practice extends beyond martial arts and into the spiritual realm. Since it’s about moving meditations that align the body, breath, and mind for optimal health, it doesn’t require as much space as the other forms of martial arts. Plus, I had three DVDs someone gifted to me and access to You Tube videos.

Thus far, my experience has been amazing. My energy levels are high and I feel more spiritually connected. I remember my first serious practice. I could feel the weight of the energy I was moving. Believe it or not, as a Reiki practitioner, I moved a great deal of energy however, I’ve never felt energy moving on this level. After an hour of moving chi, I felt the same exact “warm” kundalini rising feeling it took me months to obtain through mantras, mudras, and sitting meditations in the past. I knew I had discovered one of the world’s best kept secrets. I also noticed that I could hold a focus much longer and as a result, I’m able to solve issues in my personal life without nearly as much frustration. One additional change worth mentioning is the improvement in my health. I look great, feel great, and exude greatness.

If you’ve never tried Qi Gong, I encourage you to give this practice a try. I’ll admit, its sort of boring at first, especially if you’re used to high impact aerobics or heavy weight lifting, as different hormones are released. Just know that Qi Gong is so much more than exercise so stick with it for a while and you’ll reap the benefits. I’d love to hear about your experience so feel free to share in the comments field below.

Love and light.

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