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Healing Aspects of Rain


As long as I can remember, I’ve loved the sound of rain. Something about the pitter patter of heavenly drops against my window pane makes me exhale and smile. When I smell rain in the air on a Saturday morning, I get all warm and fuzzy inside because I know I get to sleep with the beautiful sounds of God. Earlier this summer, the twins and I played outside in the rain and it was an amazing cleansing experience. It reminded me of childhood days playing in the rain with my cousins making “greens and mud pies.”

Connecting with nature spirits is an instrumental path to healing for those who are earth signs in the astrological realm. Every human being came from the earth yet, we earth signs have a stronger connection than most. Whether it’s running barefoot in the grass, feeling the ocean waves crash against our feet, or dancing in the rain, nature calls us to commune there with God. That’s the real church. For those who crave these experiences like me, its imperative to honor the beckoning of your heart. The healing you’ve been looking for may be in this experience.

Indigenous people were so connected with nature, they could hear the whispers of God in the wind. They could place their ear against a tree and be filled with the spirit of God. While those times seem to have passed, I believe the technological lives we live require us to reach back to the teachings of old and bring them into the modern day. As a health coach, I’ve seen people be healed simply by basking in the sunlight, taking in those healing rays to generate vitamin D and body electric. I’ve also seen folks be healed simply by drinking from a fresh water spring. Rain has a similar healing effect. The sound of the rain evokes a calming feeling that serves as a catalyst for us to open our hearts. Many ailments that manifest in the physical realm are often a result of pent up frustrations from a variety of life’s disappointments and hurts. Rain serves as our reminder that we have an overflow of abundance in our lives that will manifest according to our specific needs and desires. 

The next time it rains and the temperature’s just right, put on some old clothes, go outside, and feel the rain on your skin. Baptize yourself in the water and let it wash your cares away. There’s healing in the rain, so open up your heart and receive your blessing.

Peace and love.

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