Physical Health

It’s Detox Time!

fruit and veggies

Over the years, many of us have adopted a standard American diet full of dairy products, refined glutenous grains, genetically modified soy, fried foods, artificial flavors, dyes,  preservatives, and animal protein full of hormones and antibiotics. These foods are the primary factor dis-ease and distress. When we add illegal or prescription drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes to the equation, it’s no surprise that many of us are walking time bombs.

At one time, I believed that all of your good years were in your youth before the age of fifty. Where did I acquire this belief system? My family. I’ve watched seemingly healthy family members be stricken with cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and a variety of other degenerative diseases as they age, so naturally, I assumed aging was the problem. Just like an old car breaks down even when you take care of it, I assumed our bodies operated the same way. Unfortunately, most  of us were brought up with that same belief system and it’s so far from the truth.

My first introduction to a different perspective came when I participated in a modified version of the Daniel Fast at a church I used to attend. During this cleanse, we ate steamed or raw veggies, raw or baked fruit, raw nuts/seeds, beans/legumes, and lean animal protein (chicken, turkey, and fish). I  released fifteen pounds during that forty-day time frame and losing weight was never my intent. During the process, we also prayed and limited the amount of television we watched and bam! Just like that, my eyes began to open to the possibility of a different lifestyle.

Years later, I participated in a version where we only consumed steamed or raw veggies, raw or baked fruit, and raw nuts/seeds. This time, I released twenty-one pounds in a twenty-one day time frame. I was shocked. Once again, my intent was not to lose weight. Our church came together as a group for prayer, study, and worship several times per week during this fast and some amazing things happened. For the first time in my life, I saw angels in full form. Not the white light I’d seen in the past, but beautiful beings with astronomical power. I clearly heard God speaking to me and through me and that was the first time I realized that God was not a man in the sky but instead, a spiritual beings who was in each and every person in that room simultaneously. I also began to understand the nature of God like never before. My dreams were in vivid living color and I was in control as opposed to just being a “character.” I dictated where I wanted to go, who I wanted to see, and even communicated with ancestors who had transitioned during my lifetime. This experience opened my eyes to the understanding that there was something to fasting. I was hungry for the truth and I chased it. Mostly from a religious perspective, though.

As you see from my experience, detoxing is about preventing degenerative diseases and awakening. In fact, detoxing and enlightenment go hand in hand. Over the years, our pineal gland (home of the third eye) has calcified due to the food we eat, toxins in the air, and fluoride in our water supply. When this gland is calcified, it can hinder our spiritual growth and development. I encourage you to detox to open your eyes to a new way of living. Your perspective will change and you’ll live life like never before.

Love and light!

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