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Kick Butt To Eradicate Hemorrhoid Pain


How many of you are suffering from hemorrhoids? I had the pleasure of experiencing the pain of hemorrhoids during my first pregnancy. I was amazed to find out how common this health complaint is for both men and women. Not being conscious, I used an over the counter product my dad purchased for me at the drug store. It worked for a while however, since I didn’t deal with the real issue, they came back. I later found out that the iron supplements I was taking caused me to be constipated and led to the hemorrhoidal situation. That’s why I’m passionate about natural sources of iron from spirulina, moringa, and yellow dock just to name a few options. I was led to write this blog to share some information that has blessed me over the years the few times the situation rose again.

What are hemorrhoids? Hemorrhoids are swollen and/or inflamed veins in your anus and/or rectum. They can be internal or external. I was surprised to learn that they are actually a form of varicose veins.

What are the physical causes of hemorrhoids?

1. Chronic constipation

2. Excessive straining while defecating

3. Hormonal changes during pregnancy

4. Chronic diarrhea

5. Consistently sitting for long periods of time

What are the spiritual causes of hemorrhoids?

1. Holding on to things or attitudes that are not for your greater good

2. Staying in a situation too long once it’s time to move on

3. Stress from the fear of deadlines

What can I do to eliminate hemorrhoids?

1. Apply extra virgin coconut oil to the impacted areas. For an extra boost of power, add 2-3 dropper full of horse-chestnut seed extract to the coconut oil. You can make suppositories and insert them at night for cooling relief.

2. Take an herbal sitz bath with soothing, healing herbs like comfrey root and lavender.

3. Determine which spiritual issue applies to you and deal with it.

4. Add more foods with dietary fiber, health saturated fats, and purified water to your diet.

5. If you’re constipated, check out this blog post – Overcoming Chronic Constipation.

6. Consider a colon cleanse to help you stop straining during bowel movements.

Let’s kick butt and eradicate hemorrhoids!

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