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Conquering the Sugar Demon

Sugar is a drug

My name is Sherrice and I’m a refined sugar addict. Yes, that used to be me and now I’m proud to say that I’ve weaned myself off this drug and actually loving the heck out of some stevia. Yes, GREEN STEVIA LEAF. It’s scary but it can happen for you, too.

Refined sugar is stripped of all nutrients in processing, so it’s considered an empty calorie food. In other words, when you consume it, there’s no value to your body. In fact, it takes away by promoting an acidic state within causing inflammation in the body and that tired feeling we get at the end of the day.

According to Cynthia Perkins, M. Ed, author of Break Your Sugar Addiction Today, this addictive substance has a biochemical makeup similar to alcohol. In order for it to metabolize in the body, it has to pull on our reserve of vitamins and minerals, which can lead to nutritional deficiencies resulting in major health issues. Here’s an enlightening excerpt from Break Your Sugar Addiction Today.

“We can classify sugar as an addictive substance for the following five reasons:

  1. Despite negative consequences or the desire to give it up, the consumer eats it compulsively.
  2. Neurotransmitters in the brain, like dopamine and serotonin, are impacted in the same manner as alcohol and hard drugs like cocaine.
  3. With continued use, tolerance occurs and sugar consumption must be increased to achieve the same experience.
  4. Over time, sugar is required for normal functioning.
  5. Withdrawal occurs when sugar consumption ceases.

Sugar addiction frequently leads to addiction to alcohol or harder substances and is often the root cause of relapse for alcoholics and drug addicts in recovery.”

Considering the scientific proof about sugar and it’s addictive properties, it’s a good idea to look for other ways to sweeten our food. While I do consume turbinado, I no longer consume refined sugar. In fact, we don’t even have it in our home. I’ve learned to appreciate stevia, xylitol, raw honey, and raw agave (even though agave has some questionable qualities, it still seems like a better option than white sugar). I even created an herbal tea blend called Crave Killa to help me and others along the way (yes, I still have my moments). Click here to learn more about it.

What’s your commitment to conquering the sugar demon. Are you ready?

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