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Full Moon Spiritual Practices

moon cycle

Give thanks.

Ever since childhood, I get excited whenever there is a full-moon. Living in the midwest, it’s often cloudy so I get even more excited when the night sky is clear enough for me to gaze upon it’s beauty. My excitement rises to yet another level when it’s warm enough to bask in all the creator’s glory of the creation. I’d like to take a few moments to share some things with you about the full moon and how the energy is useful to you.

The full moon period is five days which consist of two days prior to the full moon, the day of, and two days after the full moon. The energy around my spiritual rituals of prayer, meditation, and manifesting are heightened during this time, just as it does for many around the world. The gravitational pull of the moon is not just to cause distress upon the earth and seas. It’s an energy wave that we have God’s permission to ride here on earth. It’s the perfect time for focus on world service and/or personal growth.

I bet you’re wondering how you can take advantage of the opportunity to tap into the moon’s energetic frequency. Here are a few tips to help take your spiritual practice to the next level during the full moon period.

  • During the two days prior to the full moon, pray and meditate on letting go of situations, people, and things holding you back from your life calling.
  • On the day of the full moon, pray and meditate with a focus on goodwill for the earth and it’s inhabitants. It’s also a good time to put it out into the universe what you desire to manifest. The manifestation should focus on what you need to bring your life calling to fruition, continue flowing in it, or to take it to the next level. For maximum power, meditate at the exact same time the moon becomes full and call on the moon’s energy of the most high.
  • On the two days after the full moon, pray and meditate with a focus on distributing the full moon energy to all those places needs for goodwill on earth and your manifestation.

What should you expect to happen once you’ve completed these meditations? I strongly suggest you go into this practice with the mindset that what you’re seeking already exists, it’s just in waiting for you. At the same time, be open to receiving and seeing that manifestation come to fruition as the creator sees fit. God’s ways are not our ways because many of us are disconnected from the source. As we realign, we’ll begin to see things differently and the blessings will flow more abundantly.

While it’s good to follow the advice of those of us who are seasoned in spiritual work, the goal is to get you to a place where you hear from God on your own. As you grow stronger in your spiritual practices, you’ll be led to create your own rituals.

Now, go forth and create with the abundance of the full moon energy. You never know what might happen when you set yourself free to operate in this particular realm of the spirit.

Love and light.

3 thoughts on “Full Moon Spiritual Practices”

  1. I didn’t miss it! I woke up about 11;00pm and went to the restroom. Then I peeked out my windows, and saw her glowing! I decided I’d watch her to see what she would do. I raised my blinds high so I’d have no hinderances. Then I watched. I actually swear I could see her rising! I was sitting by clock and looking over the roof of the apartment complex next to mine. She rose and passed behind a tree’s leaves, then behind some clouds, then above those leaves, then the top of the tree, and all within about 15 minutes! I could see her movements. I guess I never knew how fast she actually moves. Needless to say, she was beautiful.

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