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Lies Women Tell Their Daughters


Give thanks.

Many of us grew up hearing all kinds of information about what we should and shouldn’t do on our moon cycles. Just like any transference of knowledge, we received some solid advice AND some wrong information. I asked my Facebook friends to post what they were told as a child when they were learning to take care of themselves during their moon cycle. Here’s a compilation of the information they shared.

  1. Don’t tell anyone you’re on your cycle. (Not sure what the logic was behind this one)
  2. Don’t take a bath because menstrual blood is unclean and you don’t want to soak in it.
  3. Don’t take a bath or the blood won’t come out and it will pollute your body.
  4. Don’t eat pineapples, citrus, or tomatoes because they’re all too acidic during this time of the month.
  5. Don’t walk barefoot or wash your hair because you’ll get a cold in your womb.
  6. Don’t use a tampon if you’re a virgin because you’ll loose your virginity.
  7. Don’t cook anything because you will contaminate the food.
  8. Don’t go swimming, especially in the ocean.
  9. Don’t hold a baby. (I never did get a clear explanation for this one)
  10. Don’t ever have sex during that time of the month.

My favorite item on the list is #7, don’t cook anything because you’ll contaminate the food. We all know the story of some man being “whipped” by a woman who put her menstural blood in the spaghetti, right? Of course, I researched the origin and found out that in ancient times, menstural blood was revered and folks perceived it possessed a magical quality. For this reason, women would collect the blood and feed their crops with it. In fact, some would even put it in their food and this was actually a welcomed experience. It wasn’t until the witch trails and like events that demonized anything woman that these practices became taboo. Isn’t it interesting how time and the presiding rule of the culture changes everything.

On another note, I’d love to hear what you were told or what you think about this list so feel free to add a comment. I’d also love to hear if you followed these things and if so, how that worked out for you. I look forward to hearing your funny stories and your truths.

Love and light.

8 thoughts on “Lies Women Tell Their Daughters”

  1. Ooooh I love this! I’ve always been sad at the way we put the “shame of silence” on women’s menstrual cycles in our culture. I think it’s a time to be celebrated, and some cultures have beautiful traditions surrounding first menstrual cycles.

    My mom was in the generation where she got “the bag of stuff” handed to her by her mom with the comment “You’ll need this soon.” and that was the end of that talk. I, at least, got a better understanding, but I have a feeling that was more from health class than my mother. Someday I want to help my daughter celebrate her first and all those that follow.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Creative Metaphor. Most of us received that basic talk and then went to school to learn more. There is definitely a beautiful tradition around first moon and I honor you for your desire to celebrate it with your daughter. Please check out my blog post on that topic – http://safiyahheals.com/tag/first-moon/.

  2. I definitely just got the talk and some products as well. I am going to be the first to do different with my daughter. We will be celebrating her womanhood with all the women in our family that have a special place in her life. Whoop! Whoop!

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