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What’s HERstory?


Give thanks.

Lately, I’ve been reflecting on my ways and how I acquired them. Was I just born this way or did some grand or traumatic experience lead me to them. I saw this T-shirt online and decided I just had to have it. The word “HERstory” resonated in my spirit because it reminds me that most of our history is written by men and the feminine ways are left to folklore and tradition. Some which was stolen away from us through witch trials, misogyny, and patriarchy. So, I want to start by sharing a few funny things about me that show up in my character even today that led me to live a holistic life.

In my younger days, I didn’t exercise or eat well. Despite that fact, I was always attracted to the lifestyle. Not sure why. I just know that I’ve always had a strong dislike for medicine/drugs. Cough syrup made me gag, antacids made my stomach hurt even more, street drugs just didn’t work for me, and prescription drugs were so out the question.

In college, I experimented with marijuana for three weeks. I’m sure it wasn’t pure. Probably that genetically modified stuff. I remember this experiment as if it were yesterday. One Sunday, my best friend and I went to dinner after church and while eating, we discussed our desire to try marijuana. We called up two of our male friends who smoked quite frequently and decided to have a house party. Yes, Sunday after church we were partying like rock stars. They left us with a huge stash and all the necessary paraphernalia. For three weeks, we had free marijuana and we had a ball. My grades soared and I slept like a baby each night. When the stash was depleted, I suddenly quit my new found habit, as I had a strict rule about spending money on frivolous things.

My first year working in corporate America, I caught the flu and my mother gave me Alka-Seltzer Cold Plus and I slept for 11 hours straight. In fact, I would have slept longer if my sister didn’t wake me up. My three weeks of rock star partying and my flu experience had one thing in common. A foreign or genetically modified substance entered my body and I did nothing but sleep. I didn’t take naps as a child so I wasn’t about to start taking drug induced naps as an adult. This led me to seeking other ways to get euphoric feelings and stay well – practicing yoga, meditating, eating well, and drinking herbal infusions. Oh yeah, there is nothing wrong with marijuana, it just shouldn’t be smoked (salads, tinctures and extracts are best) and it should be pure (is that possible these days?).

That’s “MYstory” about what led me to live a holistic life. What’s “YOURstory?” What journey led you to live a more holistic life? Maybe we can buy matching “HERstory” t-shirts, kick back, drink some nettle infusion, and shoot the breeze one day. I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Give thanks!

3 thoughts on “What’s HERstory?”

  1. U slept forever. I made fun of u for being a “light weight.” Looking back, I thank God u were. Sometimes we have to experience things in life in order to help/testify to others. Let my life song sing to u. Im hopeful that this story will help someone.

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