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Natural Birth Control Options

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People have been asking me about natural birth control options which is my cue to make a video and write a blog post. I will share the dangers of of synthetic birth control, the dangers of condoms and spermicide, and natural birth control options.

Synthetic Birth Control

Synthetic birth control has been touted as the best thing since sliced bread. Because of these tiny little pills, patches, and shots, women have been able to have at least 98% control over whether or not they have children, families have been able to plan, and cycles gone wild have been tamed. Then years later, many of these same women suffer from uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, blood clots, uterine/cervical/ovarian cancer, mood swings, early onset of menopause (peri-menopause), and many other issues. Now, of course, the mainstream medical community may not agree with my assessment. While I’m not a doctor, I have common sense and can put two and two together. Read the rest of this post at your own risk; the risk of opening your eyes to what we’ve been lied to about for so many years.

Condoms and Spermicide

What about condoms? Many women have bad reactions to them and most vegan women are opposed to lambskin (which tend to not be as reliable). Also, the spermicide and lube associated with many of them are deadly. These products can lead to many of the conditions I listed above. I have strong personal opinions about this that I will not include in this post. Keep in mind, each person has free will to do as they please.

Natural Birth Control Options

There are some natural options to prevent conception; body knowledge, black (cumin) seed oil, lemon juice and coconut oil suppositories and/or lube, withdrawal method, and injaculation. These are just a few options that we’ll explore in this post. There are many others that people use as well.

1. Body Knowledge – One of our ovaries releases an egg approximately two weeks after the first day of your moon time. Women who are in tune with their body can feel this. Others track it via a calendar and/or temperature changes. The body temperature increases 1/2 – 1 degree during ovulation. Here’s the key. That eggs lives for about 24 hours. Sperm lives in the vagina for about 72 so if you had sex 2-3 days BEFORE ovulation, there’s still a possibility that you could get pregnant. I would plan my sexual activity around that 5-7 day timeframe to be safe. In the meantime, other options can help.

2. Black (Cumin) Seed Oil – 1 tablespoon in the AM and 1 tablespoon in the PM. Try to make it the same times each day. For breastfeeding mothers, it will increase your milk flow so be ready. For those who promote the idea that women aren’t supposed to bleed at moon time, this oil might shock them since it promotes bleeding at moon time. Not excessive, just normal. Women will also find that this oil is beneficial in many other ways.

3. Lemon juice and coconut oil suppositories or lube: Lemon juice creates a bank against sperm because it creates an acidic environment that makes the vagina not hospitable to it, thus preventing conception. I squeeze the juice of a full lemon into 1 cup of coconut oil. I refrigerate the mixture in the summer time since it melts so easily. You can just leave it this way to use as a lube. Some people like to form the mixture into small pestiles with their fingers and wrap them in the product of their choice. It’s totally up to you.

4. Withdrawal method: Pull out. Most sperm isn’t all that good for the vagina anyway. Let me clarify that statement. Sperm with no toxins poses no issues. Depending upon the man’s lifestyle and eating habits, though, his sperm could be full of toxins.

5. Injaculation: Study the Tao to learn more about this method that will rejuvenate and invigorate men in a manner beyond their wildest dreams. It takes practice, though.

Whichever natural birth control option you use, I encourage you to be consistent. Just think about how many women conceived taking the pill because she wasn’t consistent. It’s even more important to be consistent with the natural options.

Love and light.

21 thoughts on “Natural Birth Control Options”

  1. This is great information for those in need off natural contraceptive metthods. You have made this clear and the information set well and resonated in my spirit. Keep up the great work.

  2. Me and my bf live kinda far from each other so we don’t have sex regularly, but normally when we spend a week or so together sex takes place at some point… We used the withdrawal method succssfully once (he has good control anyways), but i wanted to use a natural spermicide in addition, particularily one that tastes good too. We’ve used coconut oil before for massages & lube so when i saw you can combine lemon juice with it for a spermicide I was so happy. Now, there are some times that I would like him to “finish” in me cuz we both very much enjoy the sensation. So my question is, if on a day I’m infertile anyways (when my cerevical mucus is acidic) we use the lemon & coconut oil spermicide/lube still and he does this, would it be ok? All the other times we’re gonna use the withdrawl method + the natural spermicide, but every once in a while we wanna just let go completely & I was curious what you’re opinion was. Of course I know you’re not a licensed Herbalised or Dr. of alternative medicine, but I was curious about your opinion based your personal experience. Also, when you take Black Cummin Seed oil morning and night, does it have to be at the exact same time everyday (like the pill)?

    1. One more question… Does the coconut oil/lemon juice spermicide make your vagina taste sour? We enjoy LOTS of oral and he loves my natural taste, I don’t want that to mess it up lol

      1. You should try it once, see how it tastes to him and go from there. Everyone has different taste. Enjoy!

    2. Hello. I have found the blackseed oil and cocolemon lube to be effective as it creates a healthy acid environment in your vagina that’s not friendly to sperm. Of course, the only totally full-proof birth control is abstaining.

      1. Please let me know if black seeds them selves work or the blackseed oil works? Do you take blackseed oil with cocolemon lube?

  3. 1 TBSP blackseed oil is equivalent to how many TBSP of the black seeds its self? How will I prepare the blackseeds to be just as effective? Tea? Grinded with honey?
    Thanks and Best Regards

  4. I read about the benefits of black seed oil, one of those benefits is that it boost fertility & helps with many gynecological problems in women. That’s the reason I bought it, to help me get pregnant. I saw many articles claiming it helps with fertility, Now I’m seeing this article saying it’s a natural birth control & im confused. How can it boost fertility & aid in birth control too, which one is it?

    1. Sounds just like wild yam. Some people take it for birth control and actually get pregnant. That’s why I believe in cocolemon lube, too.

      Here’s the deal. The blackseed oil changes the level of the fluids in the female reproductive system to make the environment not as conducive sperm. At the same time, it enhances one’s overall health which will help you be more fertile. But since the environment will not be as friendly to sperm, it most likely won’t survive to get to the egg.

      1. Ok got it, make sense. So I’ll continue to use it but when Im ready to conceive I’ll stop using it. Thank you

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