Spiritual Healing

Just Say No to Poverty

MH900427591How many of you have ever been in a place where you feel broke, busted, and disgusted? No matter how far you try to get ahead, it just seems like you can’t make it. Maybe you can’t stay gainfully employed. Maybe you’re underemployed. Maybe, just maybe, you make great money, yet still cannot make ends meet, no matter how hard you try. If you can relate to this, then today, I have an answer. Its time for us to break the cycle of the impoverished spirit that has haunted us for generations. Its not just about the dollars in our pocket, its about a breakthrough in our thinking, a mind transformation.

People with an impoverished spirit operate out of want, which can manifest in a variety of ways. Here are a few examples.

– Broke all of the time
– Looking for a handout
– Living above their means
– Well off, yet still wants more to the extent that greediness and manipulation
– Can never seem to get ahead
– Always involved in get rich quick schemes

An impoverished spirit comes to enslave you to cut off the legacy you should be leaving for your generations. Let’s use the OPRAH Principle to stop it in its tracks.

O – Open up your mind to receive witty and creative inventions. These are the inventions that bring wealth. Sometimes, making the invention come to fruition requires a time investment to hone your craft. Maybe formal studies, mentorships, seminars, peer to peer relationships, etc. It also requires obedience.

P – Pay off all of your debt –  The borrower is the slave to the lender. Get rid of the ball and chain of debt so that you are free to chase those witty and creative inventions without restraint.

R – Reverse the curse of the impoverished spirit. Speak directly to the haunting spirit with power and authority. Reverse its effects on you and your family. Bind its hold over your future generations. Then, be sure to loose a spirit of abundance over you and your future generations.

A – Act on it – Witty and creative inventions are only the beginning. Your actions are what brings them to fruition. You have an idea to create something that will fill a gap in our society. Do it. Start today.

H – Hold off on the hook ups – Stop trying to get rich quick or always get something for nothing. I’m not referring to Quid Pro, which is an exchange. I’m referring to a lazy mindset. The expectation of getting something for nothing. On Omarosa’s reality show, The Ultimate Merger, her suitors were seeking her out because they knew she had major cash and a national platform, yet they had nothing to offer in return. People will spend their last dollar hoping to hit the mega lottery. Some women make careers out of being basketball and football groupies. Then there’s the rich relative who everyone expects to bail them out. As long as you look for a handout, you limit your ability to create.

As you can see, the OPRAH principle is about replacing the spirit of poverty with the spirit of abundance. Let’s break the cycle today and bless our future generations.

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