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Conscious Spiritual Community

MH900409766Give thanks.

As I evolve into higher consciousness, I yearn for spiritual community. Not from a traditional perspective. From an enlightened one. Over the years, I’ve witnessed the creation of spiritual community with words like unity, light, universal, and agape in the titles. While these centers continue to be shunned by the mainstream religious community and conscious seekers who have been hurt by the religious establishment, there’s a sect of enlightened people who are seeking them out. Some say it’s because their teachings are void of their deity of choice and are light on sin. I say it’s because the teachings are focused on applying universal laws to encourage individual growth that benefits humanity as a whole. Something that many people believe is missing in the religious community.

The spiritual community I’m envisioning emphasizes the divine potential within every human being. This divine potential is realized through teaching that provides a practical understanding and application of divine principles that lead to each person living a joyous and successful life. This movement doesn’t necessarily require a spiritual community, however, it would be helpful.

As humans, we have a need to connect with others. Many of us squelch this desire because we’re not accepted in mainstream churches. That’s why you find many people who vibrate on a higher level of consciousness practicing in the safety of their own homes. I’d like to see this individual practice continue AND be infused with the energy of a group of people on one accord. What’s one accord? It’s not about a cookie cutter religion. It’s about the commonality of a God-centered spiritual experience that many manifest itself in different ways depending upon a person’s background, upbringing, and personal experiences.

When seekers connect with a spiritual community, they can choose from structured and unstructured organizations. What I prescribe lands right in the middle of the spectrum, yet at the same time outlines some common practices that provide a focus as we evolve. The practices should speak to what the spiritual community believes on a high level, with the understanding that as people evolve, their beliefs and practices might change.

Here are a few spiritual practices to start with.

  • Meditation
  • Prayer
  • Visioning
  • Chanting
  • Giving
  • Study
  • Fellowship
  • Physical Activity

I’ve also listed a few principles I’d like to see encouraged in a spiritual community.

  • Believe in God as your higher power.
  • Grow spiritually at your own pace.
  • Accept and use the teachings that ring true AND withhold judgement on teachings that do not.
  • Do not place dogma, ritual, ecclesiastical garb, and other trappings of religiosity over the spiritual experience.
  • Give to a variety of organizations or people as you are led.
  • Meet in homes or affordable sites to avoid incurring the expense of a building that could lead to a compromise in the spiritual principles we’ve outlined.
  • Encourage an open-ended search for the truth.
  • Worship God by connecting with your divine self.
  • Don’t feel you have an exclusive right to the truth.
  • Welcome people of all races, ethnicities, genders, social backgrounds, and economic levels.
  • Dedicate yourself to loving service in your community, city, or beyond.
  • Declare that you are a divine being because you possess God’s goodness, spiritual qualities, and spiritual and material abundance.
  • Stress our dominion over every challenge.
  • Relate spiritual teachings to daily needs, affirming that for every need there’s a divine answer.
  • Embrace the duality of our persons to direct our emotions in a manner that promotes growth.
  • Know that there’s no negative condition of the mind, body, or affairs that incurable.
  • Embrace healing in all forms as divine.
  • See the human body as the holy temple of God, created to express harmony, life, and perfection of the spirit.
  • Invite questioning minds to seek valid reasons for faith.

I want to assure you that this list is NOT intended to be a directive or a mandate about what people should or shouldn’t believe. These are merely principles I’d like to see encouraged in a spiritual community. As stated in one of the principles on the list, people can accept and use the teachings that apply to them and withhold judgement on the rest.

If you’re seeking spiritual community like me, I’d love to hear from you. What has been your experience. What teachings would you like to see in a spiritual community? I look forward to hearing from you.

Love and light.

7 thoughts on “Conscious Spiritual Community”

  1. Don’t feel like you have exclusive right to the truth – that and worship in homes and affordable sites really hit home with me, especially the latter. We spend so much money building and maintaining physical edifices and not enough time building and maintaining the people IN those dwellings. It seems like a travesty during these economic times to spend so much of our fiscal resources on structures.

    1. I agree. It’s so unfortunate that we end up doing this because the building ends up being one of the burdens that leads many religious leaders to compromise. All things common (as you know) doesn’t work like this.

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