Herbalism, Physical Health

Autumn Healing with Herbs, Roots, and Spices

Give thanks.

It’s autumn and here in the midwest, the leaves are turning beautiful shades of red, orange, and yellow. The days are shorter and the nights are longer. The cool crisp air feels good against my skin as I put on my red London Fog trench coat. Eventually, the leaves will die and the snow will come as we welcome the winter equinox. That’s why it’s a good idea to nourish your body with healing herbs, roots, and spices that boost your immunity system and cleanse your blood and major organs. Here’s a list to spark your thoughts as you craft your plan. Enjoy!

Echinacea: immune system boost

Burdock Root: blood purifier

Fenugreek: reduce cholestorol, relieve constipation, and reduces menopausal symptoms

Cinnamon: helps control blood sugar level and treats urinary tract and yeast infection

Nutmeg: improves digestion, enhances memory, kills cavity causing bacteria in the mouth (not for expectant mothers)

Anise: Improves digestion and sweetens the breath

Sage: great for cold, sore throats, etc. and can help control some symptoms of diabetes (not for expectant mothers)

Turmeric: anti-inflammatory and immune system boost

Dandelion Root or Flower: liver cleaner

Yerba Mate: energy and elmination (great alternative to coffee)

Milk Thistle: cleanses liver, lowers cholestorol, and helps with diabetes

Ginger: treats naseau, motion sickness, menstrual cramps, and can help with those on chemo (me no likey chemo)

Alfalfa: Helps with kidney, liver, and bladder conditions, and helps lowers cholestorol,

Triphala: cleanses toxins from the body

Garlic: natural antibiotic, reduces blood pressure, and treats yeast infections

Comfrey: healing bones and wounds

Red Raspberry Leaf: women’s health

Stinging Nettles (plant and root): urinary tract health

Cayenne Pepper: pain relief and digestive aid

Rosemary: circulatory system building; great for men’s sexual health

St. John’s Wort: helps beat those fall and winter blues

Licorice Root: hormonal balance, great for women during the moon cycle

Chickweed: immunity booster, skin cleanser, and blood purifier

Fennel: liver detoxifier and diuretic

Curcumin: great for treating HIV

Guggul: helps lower cholesterol

Note: Pregnant mamas cannot use some of these, especially comfrey. While comfrey is great for sitz baths after you have the baby, it’s not good while you’re pregnant. Nutmeg isn’t good for you either. Sage will dry up the breastmilk so it’s a no no. If you have questions, do your research or contact me.

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