Spiritual Healing

Looking Back

Give thanks.

During my Sunday School days, I learned an interesting lesson about Lot’s wife. She and her family were spared from destruction because of Lot’s faithfulness to God. When God told them to flee the city, they received one instruction – Don’t look back. You know someone has to break a rule in every Bible story so it didn’t surprise me when Lot’s wife looked back. You see, she longed for her old life and couldn’t keep the commandment. As a result, God turned her into a pillar of salt. When I pondered on the moral of this story, I wondered if it was ever appropriate to look back. I went deep within myself to hear from the God in me and discovered that it depends on the situation. Nothing is ever a cookie-cutter event so the guidance from the spirit realm may differ with each situation. In fact, I was even encouraged to look back on a few actions of my own.

Over the past few years, I’ve ended a few friendships for a variety of reasons. Some relationships were unequally yoked in a way that was detrimental to our existence while others were just . . . let’s just say it was time. This process of purging opened my eyes to this group of people who I’d surrounded myself with. While they were all equally awesome, they were almost all the same person. Almost cookie cutter Stepford people. We shared the same belief system and liked to do similar activities for the most part. I was sure that as I evolved, we’d still find space in one another’s lives, however, I was sadly mistaken. One of my old friends even told me that we were enemies on two different teams if we didn’t have the same spiritual beliefs. Those words hit this coexisting believing sister upside the head like a sack of potatoes. Instead of criticizing this person’s mindset or justifying how we could remain friends, I decided it was best for us to part ways. While I’m sure this person and the rest of the affiliated crew are holding prayer vigils to save my soul, I stand by my decision to end the relationship and continue to pursue a conscious path of enlightenment.

For me, I enjoy looking back on old relationships and decisions from the past to reflect on then and now. While it’s challenging to meet new people and make new friends, it has been an amazing experience. When I look back, I see how the creator has expanded my territory because I was willing to stop living a closed-minded life. Now that God and I are one, I see the world through different eyes. So, when I look back, I see the flower bud that was once me and can follow the watering and feeding journey in my mind that produced the flower I’ve blossomed into now. The funny thing is that even this flower must die and the autumnal equinox was my realization that I would be dying soon only to come back to life in the spring, so I look back and reflect on what was to understand what is and what will be.

During this season of transition, I encourage you to look back. Take inventory of your relationships and anything else in your life that needs to be cleaned up. It’s time to die so that you, too, can be reborn again? What will your new incarnation bring to this season of your life? Ponder on that thought and get ready for the shift.

Love and light.

Note: Image from http://www.pillarofsalt.com

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