Physical Health

Spiritual Healing

Give thanks.

Before I ever walked on the earth, God called me to learn the art and science of spiritual healing. Thus far, the journey has been amazing and as I go along, I’d like to share some insight with you. Spiritual healing focuses on the well-being of the mind, body, soul so that we can full realize the spirit of God within us. When our tripartite beings embark on a spiritual healing journey, it leads to consciousness and enlightenment so that we can evolve, transform, and ascend.

Healing of the mind is not synonymous with brain surgery. It about aligning our conscious and subconscious minds to a higher level so that we can soar to higher heights. In almost every major religion, the central being beckons believers to take on his or her mindset. Not literally, but spiritually. No matter what you believe in or not, it’s all about thinking above the average level that expands beyond what we can see in the earth realm. Being spiritually minded involves the adoption of an aerial view. A view above politics, religions, people drama, and the cares of this world. This is challenging for most of us because we have so many personal attachments in this realm or we’ve been encouraged to not enter into the spiritual realm for our own safety. The suggested modality of healing for the mind is mediation. Through this activity you will connect with the God in you and be led on a healing journey that’s customized to meet your needs.

While healing the mind, it’s equally as important to heal the body. Most degenerative diseases are caused by the toxic environment in our bodies. Toxins enter through the food we consume, the beverages we drink, and the air we breathe. This is the case for clean eaters, too. So while it’s important to consume foods and drink beverages that nourish our bodies, we must step up our games by doing two things – consuming forgotten foods and detoxing. What are forgotten foods? Herbs and spices. Not cooked herbs and spices. Raw or dried herbs and spices. Detoxing is imperative to the body healing journey and should be at least a seasonal practice. As we step up our mind healing game, we’ll be led to cleanse according to our own body schedule. Remember, be mindful of consuming mostly nourishing foods and beverages, consume the forgotten foods, and detox at least seasonally. These actions, in conjunction with the mind healing actions, will lead to a healed body that doesn’t degenerate prematurely.

Now, healing the soul can be a touchy subject because it involves dealing with our belief systems. For this reason, I will say that your soul healing is your responsibility. Some say you have to accept a particular deity into your heart. Others say you have to follow a set of rules. Yet another group might say it’s all about cleaning your karma to pay your karmic debt. That’s what it’s important to spend time in meditation. You will be led to do what’s right for you to heal your soul.

As you intentionally focus on spiritual healing, you will experience a myriad of emotions, meet new people, lose friends and family members, and learn new things. Be open because as you seek to heal spiritually, the universe aligns on your behalf because that’s what it was created to do. No matter what, stay focused on your journey. There will be light days and there wll be dark days because that’s the duality of you. To heal, you must be open to seeing all aspects of yourself.

Go forth, evolve, transform, and ascend.

Love and wholeness!

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