Spiritual Healing

Find Your Center

Give thanks.

Almost every yogi across the world has honored the gentle command, “Find Your Center.” When we hear our instructors speak those words, we seek to find a place of balance. In the beginning, I sought to find physical balance to prevent falling over on my butt while trying to nail tree or warrior one pose.  This mental exercise was controlled by the brain-centered mind I’d been cultivating my entire life.

Then one day during contemplation (yes, contemplation – meditation would require not thinking), I received a revelation. I’d been operating in this world as a woman playing a man’s game. I’d allowed my ego to rise above my intuition, thus creating a state of imbalance. I had to be the best, do the best, and live the best. Life was all about my accomplishments. From that moment on, I started to evaluate my intentions and I didn’t like what I found. So, I put aside my traditional thoughts and teaching and went back to what I knew – seeking God consciousness.

I’m still on this journey and will be for the rest of my life on this earth plane. As I continue to transform, evolve, and ascend, I’ve truly learned how to find my center. Now, I understand that my heart and womb are one and I don’t have to live a brain-centered existence. With this new point of view, I embrace my womb and release the power of the divine feminine who God created in me and my ancestors. As a result, I no longer worry about competing and showing the world I’m just as good as a man if not better. Instead, I head the call of all the goddesses before me and cry out, “I am woman!” with all my heart, mind, and soul. Thank God, I’ve found my center.


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