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Goodbye Aunt Flow!

Give thanks.

Today I’d like to talk about our moon time perspective. As a woman, I get excited when it’s my moon time. Why? Because like the moon, we never die. We simply transition into a new phase of life each month.

This is a new perspective for me because I didn’t always feel this way. I used to experience extreme bloating, unbearable cramps, migraine headaches, breast soreness, and wild mood swings. I even referred to my moon time in a linear and derogatory fashion with words like “my period,” “my menstrual cycle,” and “that time of the month.” To make matters worse, it never came the same time each month so I couldn’t even plan for what I considered to be a major inconvenience.

As I evolved, I no longer used those terms, so I decided to name it “Aunt Flow.” I would say, “Aunt Flow came to visit me and she needs to leave as soon as possible because she’s getting on my nerves.” Then, something miraculous happened. I went on a vegan cleanse to shrink and abolish the fibroids in my uterus. Imagine a month of mostly raw fruits and veggies, herbal teas, nuts, and a massive overflow of water. In addition, some hydrotherapy, herbal suppositories, with a clay and psyllium husk cleanse. Not only did the fibroids shrink, so do the cysts in my breasts. And one day, “Aunt Flow” showed up without warning. I had none of the symptoms I mentioned before. The next month, the same thing happened. She showed up and I simply bled. No pain, no bloating, no moodiness, or any other discomforts.

Being in touch with my body was a new thing to me so I decided to get some help in this space. My circle of holistic friends proved to be quite helpful. They shared that by ridding my body of toxins, parasites, tumors, cysts, and other uninvited visitors, “Aunt Flow” didn’t have to come in with a vegenance. It like your aunt coming to visit and your house is dirty, your children don’t behave, she has no decent food to eat, and no space for peace. She’s not going to be a happy camper. I learned about the divine connection with the moon and my spirit leaped inside of me. Before the days of electricity, women bled with the moon. When the moon was full, they ovulated and when the moon was new (dark), they bled. Isn’t it interesting that we’re taught all bad things happen in the dark? Do you see the connection here? I always knew this information but ignored it because some of it challenged my previous spiritual belief system. Once I broke free from those chains, I embraced every womanly aspect about myself and as a result, I buried “Aunt Flow” and adopted my “moon time.”

So how did my womb get so polluted in the first place? The answer lies in a variety of issues.

  • Years of taking synthetic/artificial hormones in the form of birth control pills that suppressed my normal flow and poisoned my body
  • Artificial light at night that fooled my senses into thinking it was still daytime so I didn’t get proper rest
  • Refined sugar that turns into fat and poison in our bloodstream
  • Excessive consumption of animal protein which opened me up to the hormones and spirit of the deceased animal, the imbalance of nature, and improper cooking
  • Not taking care of my womb via herbal sitz baths, coconut oil rubs, and exercises with yoni eggs
  • Using chlorine-filled sanitary products that poisoned my womb
  • Not resting during my moon time

So what does all this mean? Change your lifestyle and viewpoint when it comes to your yoni health.  Say goodbye to Aunt Flow and hello to your moon time.

Love and light.

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