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Who is God?

Give thanks.

Over the past few years, I’ve been on a spiritual journey and as a result, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to experience God for myself. Since my relationship with God was primarily based fear, guilt, and shame, I had to start from scratch develop my thought pattern and mindset about what I believe spiritually. This journey honored my beginnings as well as the new experiences. One rule I established for myself was to base my ideas about God on pure revelation versus solely focusing on what someone told me or what I read in a book.

My background in Women’s Studies led me to to start the journey with this question. Is God a man or a woman? Christian and Jewish teachings focus on the patriarchal aspects of God as our father. Other belief systems focus on a woman’s ability to create life being divine, so in essence God must be a woman. As I’ve connected with this amazing, indescribable being we call God, I’ve discovered we cannot confine divinity to one gender or the other. I once read a scripture about God creating man in “his” image and likeness. “His” is a pronoun imposed by mankind’s creation of a patriarchal language that restricts the way we communicate. The same applies to the use of the word “man.” When we replace the word “man” with “humankind,” which was God’s actual intent, suddenly, gender is no longer the focus in the equation. When we remove these prescribed filters, we see that “image and likeness” are really about who God is in the spirit realm and the power God possesses. For this reason, God, the creator, embodies both male and female energy and God displays those energies through us, the creations. God’s feminine energy is yin and the masculine energy is yang. Yin and yang are present in both men and women. Women tend to display more yin tendencies while men tend to display more yang energy. When there is an imbalance of that energy, you see that manifest in a person’s life.

My second question I pondered on this journey was, “Is God an actual being?” Another scripture about God being a spirit who we must worship in spirit and in truth immediately came to mind. The key is whose truth? A truth that’s been imposed by the patriarchal rulers of this world who manipulate and control our population via the spirits of fear and distraction? A truth that’s fueled by greedy and power hungry people who benefit when people are enslaved with unconscious mentalities and don’t think for themselves. God is the creator and God’s spirit permeates the earth in the form of creative energies. These energies are living and breathing, not in the same manner as humans, just know that spirits are real. There are also opposing energies who want to overtake God’s creative energy. God is all knowing, all seeing, and ever-present, representing love, joy, and peace in our world. Yet at the same time, God is omniscient and able to declare war against opposing energies who’ve decided to defy the original intent to spread hate, control, and manipulation.

So, to answer my own question, God IS an actual being, just not a human being. Being created in God’s image and likeness has nothing to do with our human form. It has more to do with the divinity that God has placed within us. Since God lives in our hearts, we are the physical embodiment of all those characteristics mentioned above. Many us don’t see this because we’ve either been brainwashed by tradition or we’ve lowered our vibration to one of matrix mentality. Remember, God created us with an electric energy that flows through our bodies and the atmosphere around us. This energy ensures that our hearts beat, blood pumps through our veins, etc. We’ll refer to that energy as a vibration. When we connect with God, eat the right foods, exercise, and feed our conscious minds, we increase our vibration. When we don’t do those things, we lower our vibration. Increased vibrations allow us to achieve a state of mind where we can do things through the power of God. This is when you see the spiritual gifts in operation in everyone as opposed to a few supposedly chosen folks.

Now, I’ll pose the question again. Who is God? I believe God is an omniscient and omnipresent being full of love for every aspect of creation. When I see love, I see God. When I see true community, I see God. When we connect with the earth and the original intent for life, I see God. Since we’re made in God’s image and likeness, we’re divine beings. Not gods, but beings with divine characteristics to do the work of God here on earth, which evolves around love. In fact, God should be manifesting through us each day.

Who is God? God is in you, me, and everything around us. Let’s continue to be one with God to fulfill our ultimate purpose.

Love and light

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